Monday, June 12, 2006

How are you feeling?

I've been getting more and more visually pregnant these days, and commonly get asked the above question. I regularly refer myself to a day to day pregnancy calendar that gives me an idea of what I may be feeling and how the baby is developing. Here was today's entry and pretty much gives you an idea of "How I'm feeling."

You may increasingly feel discomfort in the coming weeks - heartburn, lower back pain, shooting leg pain when your baby gets into position over your sciatic nerve, frequent trips to the bathroom, and trouble sleeping because there simply isn't a comfortable position that works. But rest assured your baby is definitely being well taken care of in there. She can hear your voice, see light and dark, and sense taste in the womb, and is developing her unique identity: over the past three weeks, the swirl of amniotic fluid has molded your baby's fingerprints and her fingers are starting to sense touch in the womb.

Yep! That sums it up all right!

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