Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Life consumes...God waits...

I have been woefully pathetic in posting of late mostly because of our recent travels and the inevitable mountain of events that consume my time at the end of the school year/faith development year. Tonight I have been working on a talk that I will present to Youth Workers from our Diocese tomorrow, so I leave you all with pictures of what's been going on at four crying out loud for the past few weeks:

The kids, Chris and I at the Alamo..in matching t-shirts,no less. It was very easy to find my kids in a crowd considering the neon green and orange shirts we wore. It was also easy for the tourists to avoid us since we looked like traffic signs. HA!

A picture of part of the Alamo battle that continued at grandma's house. Gus purchased an Alamo set, complete with 101 pieces including cannons, its very own Alamo, Santa Annas army and a few Texans. Hours of boy joy.

This nice man was offering to serenade our table at a famous San Antonio River Walk Restaurant called Casa Rio. He informed us that one song would cost $10.00 to which we responded, "No gracias, lo siento." Instead we enjoyed the songs he and his band sang to other tables willing to pay the steep price.

The boys a bit punch drunk at the restaurant after drinking WAY too much Root Beer. When the waitress asked the boys if they wanted a refill, Gus responded with a rowdy, "I want some more BEER!"

Members of my family at another great Texas institution: Kruetz Barbeque in Lockhart, Texas. Look at my preggie belly after eating some massively yummy brisket! I think this baby must be a boy because he really responded to the onions, beef and Big Red soda!


Chad said...

How'd the talk go yesterday?

Georgie Tamayo Clemens said...

Very well, I think.

becky said...

You look great!!! That dad of yours is still as handsome as ever.

Georgie Tamayo Clemens said...

Thanks Beck. Dad is looking and feeling really good these days...much better than in December! HA!