Thursday, June 29, 2006

Summer Reading

Today was library day, so I took the kids to the local library to check out books for the summer. It's usually not very difficult for my little boys to select books; they only want books that are associated with three things: Knights (or anything that looks like a knight), wolves (or anything that looks like a wolf), or dolphins.

Me: Boys, let's look for some really good picture books

Boys: Nah. We just want books from the knight section.

Me: Well, don't you think we should try something alittle different? Something new?

Jack: Yeah, well we could get some more books on wolves. They are my favorite animal.

Me: We've had alot of books on wolves, Jack. How about another animal?

Jack: Naw, I don't like books on other animals.

Me: OK, let's go look and see what they have. (I was hoping they had some new books on these topics, but alas....the same 'ol ones.)

Jack and I sat on the floor of the non-fiction section of the children's library thumbing through all kinds of books about wolves, dogs, foxes, etc...Jack examined each one carefully. He would say, "I want this one, and this one, and this one." At one point he had at least 10 books on wolves. I had to limit the kid. I mean, how many books on one animal does one need? I saw myself reading these books all day to Jack...seeing myself nodding off. Meanwhile in the aisle next to us, Gus was rummaging through the knight/Viking/Rome section of non-fiction. Making a huge mess. He was not as easy to please as Jack. He would look at each book carefully, reject it, throw it on the ground and say, "Naw, I don't want that one (whap), or that one (whap), and I've seen this one and that one already (whap, whap). Mom, I don't want any of these." and would non-chalantly walk away from the piles on the floor. "Hey Gus!" I forcefully whispered, " You need to put all these books back!" Gus responded, " I don't know where they go!" He ended up with only two books to check out. Rebecca met us in the in the aisle with an armload of chapter books. She dutifully signed up for the teen summer reading program all on her own (God bless her) and headed out the door eagerly wanting to get home to start her reading. Nick was not at the library at all. He chose to stay at a friend's house and go interest in reading whatsoever!

Four different kids with four varying tastes in reading. Either way, we are ready to start the reading regime. Thank the Good Lord for the public library. Free books, free knowledge, imagination, and fun. Let summer begin!!


Michelle said...

Have your guys listened to and seen the book Peter and the Wolf? It's popular with my boys. And you can't read enough about knights!

My 6 year old keeps checking out the same Where's Waldo book.


Georgie Tamayo Clemens said...

I'll give it a try...thanks for the suggs.