Thursday, October 20, 2005

File under: Things I never thought I'd see in my kitchen trash can

I see a lot of stuff in my home go in the trash can; paper, half-eaten pears, paper plates, old homework assignments, rotten food, bills, junk mail, old shoes, food that falls from the pantry INTO the trash can because it's overfilled and sometimes even my good utensils make it in, only to be occasionally retrieved. (Jack and Gus will throw their paper plates in the trash along with the fork!)

Imagine my surprise when I came home this afternoon and saw a toilet seat in the kitchen trash can.

Me: (standing in front of the trash can.) Becca, why is there a toilet seat in the trash can?

Becca: What? There is a toilet seat in the trash can?

Becca looks in the trash can.

Becca: Where did that come from? (laughing)

Me: Nick, why is there a toilet seat in the trash can?

Nick: There is a toilet seat in the trash can? (He looks too.)

By now, the three of us are standing in front of the trash can wondering.

Me: Gus, why is there a toilet seat in the trash can?

Gus: Dad did it!! He said there was too much tee tee on it so he changed it for a new one.

Me: Oh.

Mystery solved. I guess it was time for a new toilet seat in the bathroom. I never noticed that it needed to be changed, but far be it for me to question a MAN wanting to change a toilet seat. After all, the men see what is under it more often than I do so it must have been pretty bad. Ewh.

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Noreen Schell said...

Georgie, what a great blog! May you always be a member of St. Blog's Parish. This'll be a great way to stay connected to you and family after we move. So many things made me go "aw!" and so many things made me laugh, but a couple of standouts: your reflection on autumn and what it says about our own frailties is VERY similar to Sr. Joyce Rupp's reflections in the beginnin of her book, "Praying Our Goodbyes." She writes quite poetically on the connection between autumn and the "existential ache" of human beings.

Loved the imagery from Chris' email from London: I could see in my mind's eye the older folks running to mass. I could hear the beauty of
all that singing in Latin at the mass, etc.

Keep on bloggin'

Grace and Peace,