Saturday, October 15, 2005

Gift of love

As you can see, Rebecca's friends decided to embarrass her by giving her a THONG as a joke. (They asked my permission though.) We all got a good laugh over that and pondered the real reasons WHY any self respecting woman would wear anything like that? Either way, Becca thought the joke was great and as far as the thong? I don't know where it ended up.


genevieve said...

haha! georgie that was SO fun!! u know u still hav that thong! i think that we need 2 frame it and put it in becca's room!!!

Georgie Tamayo Clemens said...

You think that was should have seen your mom and dad dancing the night away at the parish appreciation party. Whoo Hoo!

becca said...

hey geneveive i have the thong not my mom and u will never ever frame it in my room. u no i put it over my pants today and my mom said "oh its so pretty on u" GROSS!!!!!!!!!! she acctually thinks i would wear that thing!!!!!