Thursday, October 13, 2005

Potty Talk

Yesterday, immediately after returning from a weekend long Whitewater Rafting Trip with my Youth Group, I had to open up the church for our expected 350+ youth who would be descending on church grounds for faith development in an hour. I was EX-HAUS-TED and craved a shower, my bed, and some chocolate. Long story short…. the youth came, it was a crazy night of all kinds of goofy stuff, they left. Ahh! As I did my rounds to close up, I go into the girls bathroom and realize that some “angel” decided to lock all the bathroom stall doors from the inside. I could not leave the doors locked like that so I had to CRAWL UNDER 6 bathroom stall doors to unlock them from the inside. As I am LAY-ING on the ground near the first toilet looking up at the ceiling, I’m thinking, “ This is NOT in my job description God!” Being on the verge of tears the thought came to me about the humility of it all and how GOOD it was to actually be on the floor of the bathroom. That is were I needed to be somehow…as a sacrifice for doing work that is worth doing. It was humbling, thought provoking and I am thankful for those moments of reality. It is a beautiful thing…


becca said...

its incredible that you think about these thing while ON THE BATHROOM FLOOR!!!!!! i love u mom

Irene said...

After reading all your notes all of a sudden I see serenity in our day to day happenings. Thanks for sharing. We love your inspiration in the children's lives and ours. I wish I could have seen you on the bathroom floor.There is not much wiggle room there.
We love you

Georgie Tamayo Clemens said...

There is about a foot and a half of wiggle room. At first I thought I was unable to fit, but alas I did.

Thanks for your kind words.
I love you too.
PS: Let's do lunch again!