Sunday, October 16, 2005

Sign off

Fr. John mentioned at Mass that the average 50 year old has watched 9 to 11 YEARS of television!

When you think of all the images you see on the tube, how that effects your thinking and your actions about "who" you are and "how" you percieve others. Most of these images are trying to sell you something: a lifestyle, vacation, designer label clothing, sport equipment, cars, diamonds and on and on. We are not better than anyone else just because we have designer clothes or sporty vehicles. We do not get any closer to the God who created us either.

God sees us naked anyway.

Instead of watching T.V., here are a few things to do instead:
1. Volunteer
2. Dance (as if no one is watching)
3. Sing
4. READ! So many great books out there!
5. Write a letter
6. Play more with your kids
7. Enjoy Silence
8. Scrapbook
9. Take a walk
10. Make something extra-special for your spouse
11. Take a class
12. Spend time with God and pray

Turn off that box and LIVE!


Tony DeCandia said...

I couldn't help but agree with your advice. I have been a seminarian for (hard to believe it) 4 years now! In that time, I have taken the opportunity to read more and watch less TV. It has done wonders for my intellectual development. Plus, I really don't have time to waste watching NC State get beat by Carolina every year. I hope you got my card that I sent about a week ago.
I am glad you have this website. I can send you my own list of recommended websites in an email.
Please know that you, your family and your ministry remain in my daily prayers. Give Chris and the children (well we can't call Becca a child anymore) my best.


Georgie Tamayo Clemens said...

Ug! Becca is not a child anymore:(
I got your card and enjoyed hearing from you very much. I hope all is well at St. Mary's. Heard from Mike that you all visited CU. You guys be sure stay close to each other so that when you are all ordained, you'll have one another to lean on.

I'd love to have a list of your preferred websites...

Have a great day! Georgie

Mary Tamayo said...


Grandpa says that the thong is a sling shot. I say that its a face lifter. Keep on face all night long....remove in the morning and watch your face drop a little.