Tuesday, July 04, 2006

A Happy Fourth

It is so stinking hot here so the Clemens clan has opted out of any hot outdoor fourth of July events such as a parade or fireworks display. Instead we will be gathering with friends at a neighbors pool, barbequing brats, snacking on chips, salsa and of course...chocolate cake. I purchased one of those cheesy fireworks bundles from the local grocery store so that the kids have some type of excitement for the evening. I hope it pleases...how could it not? They are loud, sparkly, dangerous, and smelly....yup..all adds up to boy fun even if it's not the best girl acitivity.

I have my freedom to do that, thank God!

May you all have a wonderful Fourth bestowed with all the freedoms only God can give! I promise to post very soon on recent events, but for now...the pool calls!!

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