Friday, July 07, 2006

A post from Jack

The brother of this donkey died. And his ear broke off so I buyed the other brother and he didn't break. Then what I did was to put a smiley face on top of him so that the smiley face could get to work. Unfortunately the donkey kept on slinging him off (BAM!!!). The smiley face taped his arm to the the donkey so that he would not fall off again but he almost fell off until he hit the ground. The tape was like a rope and dragged him behind. The smiley face was bumping his head alot during the ride. Finally he got to work and thanked the donkey (?) The donkey decided to give the smiley face a back massage until he took him back home. The smiley face DID NOT thank the donkey for the ride home.


jack clemens

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