Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Little accomplishments of the day.

1. When it seems that there is little food in the house and nothing substantial for lunch for the kids, you stop at the local bagel place and purchase one dozen bagels for $4.49. When you walk in the door and announce if anyone wants a bagel for lunch, everyone screams with delight. You are the hero!

2. Giving your children the option to either GO outside and play or stay inside and "help mom do work", everyone opts for the great outdoors. Peace and quiet for awhile!

3. Purchasing a gallon of minty green paint for your foyer and living room and painting a large swatch of color on your walls to see how it fun.

4. Returning the gallon of paint you thought you liked for another shade much darker was received with understanding and mercy by the Lowe's employee. Lowe's employee: " I don't like the color either. Yuck. "

5. Reorganizing the medicine cabinet and labeling the shelves with your new label machine. Glorious!

6. Labeling the shelves in the linen closet with the same labeler: Twin Sheets, Queen Sheets, Standard Sheets, Pillow Cases...Stop her! She's even labeling the children!!!

7. Hubby coming home 30 minutes early....a kiss...and NO laptop in his hands. Priceless!

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