Monday, July 17, 2006

A tragic loss.

OK. I did not want to really post about this horrible incident which happend last week, but it keeps haunting me. As a mom, the thought of losing a child is gut-wrentching and horrible, but compound it with the fact that you, yourself are responsible for the accident that caused your child's death is unbearable. I think what haunts me most about this story is that I could see myself doing the exact same thing. I mean, as parents we must always be alert, awake, aware... having eyes all around our heads to watch for dangers which lurk in the smallest of things. But the REALITY is that parents cannot always prevent such things from happening to their children. We are only human and get tired and focused on other things. I get focused and tired but would never want to believe it could lead to such tragedy. This accident is a little reminder to me of how quickly life can change and how imperative it is to live fully...for HIM. Yes, we want to protect and guard our children from dangers, but there is only so much we can control. At some point we must close our eyes, say a prayer to God to protect our children and let them go.

The suffering that this family will be going through will be a long and difficult road. Luckily their faith is strong and they have many parishioners, a large family and friends to support them during the dark days of their grief. Please keep them in your prayers. Catholic author and mom, Danielle Bean, as well as this family's home parish, is collecting donations for the family so that they can replace the car that caused Joshua's death. If you feel so moved, please make a donation through Danielle's Paypal button, or your can write to the family directly.

I have also enclosed the website
the family has created in Joshua's honor. Please take a look and see what a beautiful child he was and read the inspirational eulogy written by his mom. Most of all, love and listen to your children, for they are only ours for a little while.

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