Thursday, July 13, 2006

Watch out for that...tree....

When we were visiting UNC-Greensboro the other day, we noticed a very large Magnolia tree in front of the Science building. The boys, Chris and I had been walking the campus for awhile and the boys were quickly tiring of our sightseeing tour. At the time we saw the tree, the boys were moaning and groaning to go back home, and were not very interested in it. I suggested to the boys that they explore the underneath of the tree to see what they could find. All three unenthusiastically mumbled agreement and slowly walked over to the tree. As Chris and i watched from a distance, we noticed the kids disappear in the base of the canopy. Their moods changed VERY quickly. All of a sudden we heard screams of excitement and joy coming from the tree...and it was not from the birds:

"Mom, Dad, come under the tree! It is so cool!"

Jack: "I'm climbing it."

Nick: "I'm going higher! Whoa!"

Gus: (whining) "I can't get up! Help me up Nick! HELP ME UP!"

Chris and I sauntered under the tree and found all three boys climbing like monkeys. The sheer joy that comes from one of God's beautiful creations cannot be matched by anything that we can buy or create for our kids. At first sight, it looked like just another REALLY BIG tree, but with a closer look one finds an unexpected surprise. Isn't it the same with our relationship with God? It is only when we move closer to Him, after he beckons us over and over, that we are surprised by the peace He holds. A special gift of pure joy when we move toward him; even when we don't really feel like it.


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Hey AC! I've been reading your blog to see if you've given birth and I see that you are still around...I'm sorry that you are not holding that little one yet, but at least you are very close....let us know when you go in....I'm so jealous!