Sunday, April 09, 2006


So we are absolutely thrilled and terrified at the thought of another Clemens child in the house. I mean, I flip-flop between feelings of elation and insanity when I stop to ponder the reality of it all. I mean, It's a whole other journey, story, life, that we are blessed to be forming and nurturing.

I don't know why I get scared about a fifth child. When you think about it, five is not that big of a number. I usually complain if I get only 5 french fries or 5 M&M's..5 minutes is not a long time, 5 fingers would be too little, 5 pairs of underwear would be a disaster (ewh), not to mention if one only had 5 teeth to brush. 5 jelly beans would be a crime in an Easter Basket, and 5 minutes in the presence of Jesus would not be nearly long enough. When our newest child comes along, I'll be blessed with 5 smiles when I serve them ice cream and 5 goodnight kisses everyday. I'll look forward to 5 saying "I Love You Mom!" on Mother's Day and 5 peaceful slumbering children in their beds to peer at. Some mornings I'll have 5 jumping on my bed and 5 singing songs in the car. 5 giggling, 5 waking on Christmas Morning, 5 telling me their secrets and hopes, 5 praying for me when my life is almost over.

5 is sounding better and better. It just depends on your perspective.


Pink Chihuahua Princess said...

I think five is a blessing! Congrats to your family.

You are right about perspective, it is really the key to almost anything.

Bekah S. said...

Congratulations! I'm a friend of Chad's...just had our fifth at the end of January. It is both exhilirating and daunting. I guess I finally feel like we are a larger family. LOL

Georgie Tamayo Clemens said...


I saw the pics of you and your newborn. Congratulations to YOU and keep me posted on how things are going.
Pink chihuahua...great name...thanks for your support and attitude! I think our society has it so easy in so many ways that we complain alot if things get difficult in the least bit. Difficulty builds character...or so my mom and dad would say...

thanks girls!