Monday, April 17, 2006

God or the Girl?

My husband and I have been blessed to have befriended a few seminarian candidates and priests in our 8 years here in North Carolina. These men have blessed our family life in ways too numerous to count. We've spent many a night in deep conversation about vocation, God's calling, the good days of being a priest or seminarian and the difficult times. When speaking with our seminarian friends, they always relay the very real struggle of discerning God's call to the priesthood or to family life as a married man. It's a very hard process they must go through spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally and is a hard thing to watch. Sometimes their family is hostile to the idea of priesthood, sometimes their hearts yearn for the companionship of a wife and kids, other times these guys weave in and out of the seminary searching for the path God desires for them. Either way, a decision is made with a large dose of prayer and faith.

I was happy to see that there is now a reality show that focuses on the real life issues facing young men discerning the priesthood. It focuses on four young Catholic men and the choice they must make: God or the Girl. The show can be seen on the A&E channel from 9-11pm on Sundays. While it's been getting great reviews from the USCCB and other groups, we'll have to watch to get the full story. I don't have the A&E channel, so if anyone watches it, please let me know your opinion. I may want to buy the 6 week series for the young men in our parish....It could be a great tool for discussion on the topic of vocations in our faith development classes. A show like this, if well done, can plant seeds for more vocations in our country and THAT is always a good thing.


Michael said...

I watched the first hour but was distracted by kids (who are always more important than a TV show) and spiritual conversations (which are also more important). So, from the little distracted bit of the show I saw, I thought it was good, but may be too grand a topic to handle on a reality show.
I don't have cable either, but plan to watch the show with my friends soon.
As a person who is discerning I am very interested in the show.
Happy Easter.
Take care.

Georgie Tamayo Clemens said...


A grand topic, but hopfully one that will make today's young men stop and think about their purpose in life. I know you have been discerning for awhile now; the best of luck with your process. All will be well....