Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Heart Ache

It's been five years since my pregnancy with Gus, and it's amazing how much I had forgotten about pregnancy after such a short period of time. For example, I forgot how bad he morning sickness (or in my case, the afternoon and night sickness) could be, the poking and prodding done by doctors, the slower pace of my walking, the everyday smells that turn your stomach the weird cravings of odd types of food (I've been craving orange juice! I NEVER drink orange juice) and on and on. Last night, I was reminded of yet another pregnancy symptom that I had long forgotten about: heartburn.

The last few weeks of my pregnancy, I've been feeling more myself; more normal but at the same time I get hunger pangs all the time. Last night, my dinner consisted of roasted turkey, pasta, salad with a sprinkle of basalmic vinegar and water. "Oh what joy!" I thought to my starving self when I arrived home after a long day of driving kids to and fro "time for dinner!" I was eager to eat last night, and piled my plate with my leftover delicacies! When I sat down to eat with my daughter, Rebecca (the boys were at a baseball game) I. Was. Hungry. I didn't care what I ate, I didn't care who it was with, I didn't care where I was, I just wanted to EAT. Unfortunately, in my eagerness for food I ate too much, too quickly but still was satisfied all the same. But only for awhile.....

Then the feeling struck...that feeling I had not felt in a long time. It was a burning sensation starting in my chest and moving up to my throat. "No problem" I thought to myself. "I'll just pop a few Tums and I'll be just fine." So I did, but things were not so fine. I went to bed at about 11:00pm but not one hour later the pain woke me so I ate 2 more Tums. I waited for the Tums to take effect, added a few more pillows to my bed for elevation, and went back to bed. Again, I woke an hour later with that familiar pain, took 2 more Tums and decided to sleep upright. I drug my comforter to the rocking chair in my room and tried to make myself comfortable. "Please God, I just need some sleep!" I prayed. God did not hear my prayer, the pain continued so I had to resort to two tablespoons of Pepto-Bismol. Now THAT helped and I was able to sleep for another hour, but awoke at 4 am with more discomfort. More Tums, more pillows, another visit with the rocking chair, then the bed, then more Tums. Finally at 6am I fell asleep for good. Until the alarm rang at 6:30am. I pulled myself out of the bed to make lunches, and get kids dressed, drive carpool, and run work errands. All day today, that haunting heartburn feeling stayed with me.

I learned my lesson at breakfast and lunch to eat smaller portions, and eat more slowly. Dinner consisted of home-made tacos, salad and corn. This evening, when I returned home from taking Jack and Gus to swim lessons, I. Was. Hungry. (again) I ate a soft taco and corn....and then another taco. As I sit here and write, I'm wondering if I'll have yet another "episode" of heartburn tonight. Hope not...I 'I'll let you know in the morning!


Bekah S. said...

Ugh. I hate heartburn, too. Although early in pregnancy, I usually don't get heartburn. I get that slow digestion full stomach for hours on end pains.

I recently heard of a different strategy for heartburn that I vowed to try next time (of course I heard about it right after #5 was born!). Sometimes taking antacids can cause *more* heartburn, because it dilutes the stomach acids so much that your body overproduces. So, the strategy goes that when you have heartburn, try drinking something acidic-like perhaps that oj you were craving.

Papaya is another great solution that I know works personally. Either eating the fruit, drinking the juice, or you can even find papaya enzyme in a portable little tablet. :)

Best wishes in your pregnancy.

Amy Caroline said...

UGH! I am so sorry! I had it really bad last pregnancy. I had never experienced anything like it. I remember wondering if I was having a heart attack!

Anonymous said...

I had it too! My doctor gave me an extra B vitamin on top of the traditional prenatal vitamins. That helped until I got HUGE and the internal organs were just so out of place then the RX Protonix did wonders!!

Georgie Tamayo Clemens said...


thanks for the great advice. I'll try the fruit next time I get an attack!

Amy glad you are over it and holding that sweet baby in your arms.

Anonymous....I'll try the B vitamin too!!!