Thursday, April 20, 2006

Mr. Big

Nick was 30 minutes late coming home for dinner from a friends house yesterday.

Me: Nick, what took you so long to get home?

Nick: (He's 9) We were just working out.

Me: (hiding my amusement) Really? Like with exercise equipment?

Nick: Yeah, Jake has a really cool new exercise room with all kinds of weight lifting equipment; so we thought we would work out.

Me: Oh. Are you going to show me your muscles? Nick lifts his sleeve and flexes his muscle. Jack and Gus were equally impressed with their older brother's "buffness".

Nick confidently announces to everyone at the dinner table: You think I'm should see Jake...He has an 8 pack.

Me: Ohhhhhh, an 8 pack. That is HARD to do! Impressive!


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