Monday, April 10, 2006

One of those moments where you sit and smile uncomfortably and laugh later

Nick's public school nurse called me at home today to inform me that Nick was having trouble breathing in school. She wanted to give him some albuteral puffs to clear his passages and needed my permission. I gave her the go-ahead and then went down to the school to see how my little patient was. I brought Jack into the nurses office with me while Rebecca and Gus waited in the car. As we waited for the medication to take effect on Nick, the nurse started up a conversation with little Jack after she noticed Jack's Catholic school uniform.

Nurse: Oh, hello Jack. Will you be coming to the public school next year with your brother Nick?

Jack: (He's 6) No. I go to another school, it's a Catholic School.

Nurse: Oh, now...why do you go there?

Jack: 'Cause they kicked Jesus out of the public school.


Michael said...

I think I have something that might work.

"A Hand Full of Kids"

Does that work? I got it from the USCCB funded radio show Lino at Large. I admit I listen to it.

Take care.

Chad said...

I knew Jack was smart, but I didn't realize just how smart...

(I needed a good laugh this morning--thanks!)

Georgie Porgie said...

Ohhh THAT is really good. Let me marinate.

I only gave birth. I don't take credit for such astute observations.

You guys have a great day,