Wednesday, January 18, 2006

"F" for mommy

Kids keep us humble.

After work today, Gus and I took a trip to Sam's to pick up a few items for tonight's catechist meeting and the family pantry. As we approached the checkout lane, I noticed there was something different about the checkout lady. She had very BIG eyes which did not look in the same direction. Not to be mean or anything, but when you see her eyes, one is reminded of one of those green lizards with the bulgy eyes that can look in all directions. I thought, poor thing, but a least she has the courage to come out and work with the public. I did not EVEN think of Gus's reaction:

Gus: (very loudly) That lady has BIG BULGY eyeballs (He raises his fingers up to his eyes and stretches his skin so that he too, has big bulgy eyes.)

I was standing behind Gus as he said this and gently kicked him to get him to be quiet. I was hoping the kick would get him to realize that what he was saying was inappropriate. It was a bad idea. Gus just turned around and said even louder:

Mom! Why did you kick me?

I just glared at him and whispered that he might hurt the lady's feelings if he said such things. Gus simply shrugged and continued to help me empty the cart. He whispered to himself, " She talks funny too."

I wanted the floor to eat me right then and there. I was so embarrassed. I mean, is there an etiquette book for these occasions? Gus was completely un-moved by my pleas and did not understand what the big deal was. I'll just have to give myself the mommy grade of "F"...for not thinking "f"ast enough.

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