Wednesday, January 11, 2006

'Round the clock Clemens kids

Here are the Clemens kids with heads together on the floor. I used this picture for our Christmas card and many folks mentioned how cute it was. In past years, I've struggled to get a good picture for the Christmas card. Usually one child has their eyes closed, or picking their nose, or crying, looking off at the distance. One has even run off to purposely hide themsleves from the torture. Mostly the kids would groan and bear my incessant pleas mostly because they know they have to sit there until I get at least ONE picture which "works".

This year, with all the chaos with travel, I had no time to choreograph a picture of the kids. Instead, after dinner, I called everyone out from whatever they were doing and told them to get on the floor and smile. The kids thought this was a great game and laughed at the whole process. I took 3 or 4 pictures of my kids this year, downloaded the picture onto the Wal-Mart photo processing web-site and they had my Christmas cards ready for pick-up the next day! Best part is, this picture shows my kids in their true form....a la natural!


Shannon said...

This is so funny. I did the same picture for our Christmas card. We have 3 girls and one boy. Developed at Wal-Mart. I thought it was very cute also but my sister-laws giggled that they feel guilty when they display the picture that one of my children are always upside down.

Georgie Tamayo Clemens said...

Yes! When I visited relatives, they had the picture on their refrigerators and told me they did not know which kid to put on top! I guess each week we can rotate!!

Joseph said...

It's not your kid's fault.

In 2006, toilets should work as the customer needs them to.

Their design is 100 years old, and now they are conserving water, so less power.

Anyway, good luck. Kids can get pretty good with plungers.