Monday, January 30, 2006

Writers Block

I have a few precious hours this Monday morning to continue working on my talk for the Catholic Womens Group at St. Ann's scheduled for this Saturday morning. Monday's are my favorite day when I usually stay in sloppy clothes, no make-up, get my mundane chores complete and relish the time alone. I can't do my normal routine this Monday because I must complete this talk...and I WILL complete this talk soon! Very Soon! Right after I finish this post!

This is the second time I've attempted to write the talk today. When I sat down the first time, the phone rang and I picked it up. I chatted with a friend for awhile, hung up and remembered that there was someone else I needed to call. So I chatted with that person for awhile. As I was chatting, I realized the dryer stopped, so I went upstairs and folded some clothes, organized drawers and made the bed. Afterwards, I looked at the clock, and realized that two of my four free hours were gone! Well, I said to myself, I need to get writing. I started writing alright...writing on my blog!

I think I'm exhibiting avoidance type behavior or I have ADD. I'm going off to write the rest of my talk now, and it's going to be really ,really good...(I wonder what I'll come up with?) and I'll get to work on it...right after lunch.


Michael said...

Free time never seems free until everything that needs to be done is. Good Luck with the talk I hope you completed it and the Holy Spirit will speak through you into the hearts of the ladies.
Not sure that's theologically correct, but oh well.

I just caught your comment on the Franciscians and was wondering what CFR is? I was also wondering what equals liberal in your mind, just because I'm curious.

I am not a big fan of mixing politics into the church especially because the descriptions of liberal and conservative are both way way too general. Also, because politics are so temporal in light of the 2000+ year old message of Christ.

Georgie Tamayo Clemens said...

Hey christophersly! Try viewing the following website on the friars. They do many great things for youth, missions, and vocations. See what you think:

Liberal: Working more on changing the theology of the church rather than changing themselves.

Michael said...

Excellent summary! I like that. Thanks!

Take care.

Chad said...

Nice definition of liberals... I'll have to remember and use that (liberally).