Thursday, January 19, 2006

If necessary, use words...

As mentioned in an earlier post, a church friend of mine who only 17 months ago lost her 8th grade son to cancer after one year of fighting the disease, now has lost her daughter in a tragic car crash a few days before Christmas. I was in Texas at the time of her daughter's death and missed the funeral. When I returned from Texas, I had left her a message that I would like to see her, when she felt ready, and maybe go to lunch. In light of such a tragedy, two horrible events, admit that I did not have any words of comfort for her...did not know what to say when I DID get to have that lunch with her, but prayed that the right words would come when I got to see her. I mean, what-do-you-say when such unimaginable grief has been experienced? I felt there were no more words left to say...I thought that I'd said them all..many of us said them all... after the death of her SON!

After I made that call, I waited for her to call me back. One week passed. Two weeks passed. Three weeks, I waited. Today,while at the church working, the secretary said that this friend was at the front desk and wanted to see me. I took a deep breath, prayed a short prayer for the right thing to say, and walked into the foyer to see my friend.

No words came.

I just held her and she held me not wanting to let go. We walked to my office and I just listened. Juuuuust listened, to the sounds of a grieving mom with no way out of her pain. I felt as if a cloud had lifted when I listened to her, as if God was there present during our meeting. It was like he was orchestrating the whole thing and that both of us where there surrounded by His grace and mercy.

We are the conduit through which Christ heals, holds, and listens to the sorrows, joys, successes, of His people. Words are not always necessary in some cases, only the sense of touching and listening. I was reminded of that today...the importance of being Christ's hands and ears.

Keep the Minta family in your prayers.

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