Sunday, January 15, 2006

Guys and Dogs

I'm laying on the couch while my three boys are wrestling around me having a great time. It occurs to me that boys are alot like having three puppies in the house. While I admit I do not have a dog, I don't really NEED one! Here are some similarities:

1. They roll around the room in a big ball of play.
2. You have to SHOW them how and where to pee.
3. They enjoy sticking their head out the car window.
4. They congregate in a pack.
5. They are stinky until you give them a bath.
6. They irritate others in the house until they play with them.
7. They beg for food.
8. They can make a mess out of anything.
9. They bite each other playfully.
10 They love to get in a big dogpile!

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