Thursday, January 05, 2006

Happy New Year of the Old Routine

Returning to the 'ol routine around here after 2 1/2 weeks on a road-trip is disorienting.

We drove back into town a day before school started, so I had SOME time to empty suitcases and get the laundry flowing, go grocery shopping, and emptying the backpacks so that they could be used for school things instead of travel.

All in all things went according to schedule but I WAS second guessing myself over and over the first day back: Did I forget someone somewhere? Did Nick have his lunch in his backpack or was that Jack? Does Gus have his lunch bunch today and if so, where is his lunch? Did I leave my ice tea glass on top of the car? I think I gave Becca too much money for lunch...she may buy herself more of that junk food with it...I need to get exact change for her next time. Is there early dismissal for Jack's school? What if he is sitting on the front steps of the house with no way to contact me? Does Becca have practice?..I know she said something about that. Where is my hairbrush? Do I have carpool tomorrow? Doesn't Jack have a library book due or is it the fine of $14.oo that I need to send to the librarian. No that was a few months ago. Grocery certificates? Tuition paid? Where IS that hairbrush? Where did Jack's jacket go? What can I possibly make for dinner with so little food in the house to begin with? Nothing fattening..because we all need to eat more heathly after the holidays...Will Chris work late tonight to make up for lost time? Did I take my shower today? (You think I'm joking on that one? I'm not!)

I found myself very late dropping Gus of at his pre-school because I instinctively started driving toward the church. I turned around and missed the correct exit to the school and ended up downtown Carrborro instead of Chapel Hill. He eventually got there and Mrs. Brown smiled knowingly at me and said, " We were wondering where Mr. Gus was this morning." I responded, " Oh, you know, Gus and I were just having some QUALITY time in the car and I just DID NOT realize the time!" Mrs. Brown suspiciously said.., " um...right "

Other than getting a call later that night from Rebecca proclaiming that I had abandoned her at practice and to COME and "pick me up" I survived the first day back and so did the kids. Speaking of the kids....where are they? It's awfully quiet in here.......

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